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Orange Calcite For Sagittarius

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Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and higher knowledge. Positive traits of Sagittarius optimistic, open-minded, good sense of humor, travel-loving,

Jupiter has blessed them with expansive minds. These people are constantly seeking higher truths, and have deep connections and an easier understanding of esoteric knowledge. Their perspective can be useful in a situation where there is confusion. Negative aspects of Sagittarius include being too blunt while not intentional, sometimes their honesty is off-putting. They must try to curb this tendency by putting themselves in the other person's shoes, remembering that their intensity isn’t always perceived by others as kindness. Being too accommodating Sagittarius has the tendency to say yes too often, sometimes promising more than they can deliver. To help, they should practice saying no every so often so they can devote all of that amazing energy to the task at hand.

Disorganized Details can be boring, and boring doesn't hold their interest. Because of the constant change in their life, boring details are easily lost in the shuffle. If they take some time to write things down, they will find that the answer is in that fine print.

Flighty The need for constant change makes Sagittarius flighty and erratic, leaving a bit to be desired in the commitment category. If they redirect some energy onto important tasks and relationships, there will be plenty of time to explore.

 stubborn streak run deep with Sagittarius , preventing them from reaching their full potential in relationships. If Sagittarius can try keeping a level head, the effort will result in happier, healthier relationships and friendships.

Best crystal for Sagittarius 

 Orange Calcite As fire signs, Sagittarians may struggle to balance emotions. Your strong intellect might also cause you to prioritize the rational over the emotional, to an unhealthy imbalance. Orange Calcite offers balance, intertwining logic and feelings to help you see the big picture without overlooking the important role of emotions. Additionally, orange calcite can ease fears and worries. With a Sagittarian mind racing to Level 10 most of the time, relaxation and calmness are both welcome feelings to combat over-thinking or worrying. Calcite is a solar plexus chakra stone, offering stability and confidence in your life path. 

Spiritual Uses:  Calcite has a strong effect in speeding up development. This is particularly noticeable in small children but also in adults who need a boost of optimism and need to be reconnected to their inner child and  youth. Calcite is a stone of revelation. It helps us find our inner richness. It is especially harmonious with the water signs Cancer and Pisces. It can help them discover their hidden potential and their secret or unsatisfied desires. Capricorn will find a bit of much needed serenity and Virgo, Leo, Libra, and Sagittarius will appreciate both its stimulating and calming effects


Uses:  Empowers sexuality, playfulness, revitalization, calmness, tolerance. Transmutes sexual abuse, laziness, stress. Calcite bestows stability, trust in ourselves and constancy. It is effective against laziness and strengthens the ability to overcome difficulties. It has a "yin" or feminine quality that also relates to men. You can also disolve calcite in vinegar. Anxiety and depression can be treated by rubbing your temples lightly with the vinegar solution.

Mental Uses:  Study, motivation, creativity, innovation. Calcite encourages the ability to transform ideas into actions. It increases our power to discriminate and differentiate, also enhances memory and makes us more energetic, industrious and successful.