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About Us

I created InnergtoInnerg in 2015 to spread awareness of the healing powers of crystals and to encourage re-connection to source through natural holistic practices. Healing is never easy but always attainable and Crystal healing is just one of the many tools I've found useful on this journey and I felt compelled to share it with anyone interested. Our bodies are our temples which makes us walking alters that are meant to be adorned. Maybe it's the Taurus Venus and 6H in me but I love to see my people feeling and looking good and as a jeweler, this is one way I can be of service. I'm also a Reiki practitioner so all my pieces are infused with good INNERG they are also charged and cleansed with herbs and Geechee ocean water. I have connected with so many through jewelry, I mean like really found some of my soul tribe and I hope to connect with many more. Sending yall love and peace always. Thank you for connecting with me and supporting my craft -  Jihada DestinI