Current Shipping Time is 3-10 Business Days


When will you restock?

As of Feb. 6 2022  we will be restocking Next week.

How long does shipping take ?

Because of an influx of orders shipping time is currently 5-10 business days to process *business days DO NOT  include weekends*

Why don’t I have a tracking number?

The only reason why your tracking number has not appeared is because your shipping label has not been created yet, there is nothing wrong with your order. We assure you as soon as the shipping label is printed you will be notified via email.


Im still confused, I purchase express shipping/2 day shipping but my product hasn’t been shipped out with in that 2 day frame why is that ? 

Your order hasn’t shipped yet Because it normally takes around 5-15 business days for an order to be CREATED &THEN shipped off *due to influx of orders*...we only have one jeweler and she hand makes all of the pieces solely by herself she prides her self in making all your pieces with high vibes and love for each individual so the wait is a little longer than but we are doing all we can to speed up the process and keep you informed we really appreciate your patience and support Follow us on Instagram for updates on @innergtoinnerg we will also start emailing updates more often!

Do you make moldavite pieces?

yes but only buy request because moldavite is very expensive and a bit fragile


Customer: I placed an order on September 9th it is now the 20th  and I have not received my order I ordered 2 day shipping why hasn’t my order shipped out yet?


InnerGtoInnerG: Peace Love One, on our site at the very top  list the current shipping time. As of right now its around 5-10 business days this is not including weekends so your order is not late it is in fact on track. It’s two day shipping after your order has been created and processed, so it’s 2days from the processing time. We are working very hard to get you order out as soon as possible as always we love you and appreciate your support .



Do you do custom work?

yes contact us for us to get started on a custom piece for you we can make piece out of any crystal you can think of.


How do I Cleanse my Crystal?

Cleansing your crystal is a must when working with these spiritual tools. Over time the crystal absorbs your energy and in return does its job for you. There are a couple of simple ways you can cleanse them and some of them are:

Setting pure intention to cleanse the crystals , close your eyes and say a mantra over it and visualize any negative energy leaving the crystal.

Smudging your crystals is a great way to clear unwanted energy. Simply light some sage or any other herbs you may have, and hold the crystal above the smoke and allow it to cleanse your piece.

Sunlight/moonlight also cleanses crystals, it’s best to leave them outside for a full 24 hours so it can be in direct contact with lunar and solar energy.