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Amethyst For Aquarius



Aquarius, the misunderstood. The aliens of the zodiac. Aquarius is unique, has amazing foresight, understanding, loners, authentic rebels, Aquarius is always challenging the norm of society and will often be the black sheep of their family.

Yall are the trendsetters and very psychic. You know the friend who finds the artist, song, or dress style before it was cool and tries to put other people on but nobody wants to listen then months down the line everybody on what they've been on. Aquarius y'all are those friends very ahead of the curve.  That's one of the reasons y'all stand out and feel ostracized,  you're lightyears ahead of your peers. They call yall the water bearers. Water is very psychic energy and yall really do carry a lot of it. The first part of your name is AQUA after all. Aquarius is more in touch with their emotional side than people give credit for. A lot of yall are really sensitive and hopeless romantics like you feel you can fall in love with people moments after getting to know them, especially when you meet someone you consider to be a rare find. Now when it comes to love you can detach quickly because you want to protect yourself and honestly you feel like there may be better out there so commitment can be rough for yall once you find out that someone isn't worthy of you, you move accordingly. You see yourself as your wisest counsel and when that council says that someone is unworthy you rarely look at them the same or have the same level of love for them ever AGAIN.   What Aquarius does is notice patterns that can make them good in the stock market game or being entrepreneurs but y'all also notice people's thinking patterns which allow you to be able to manipulate them. Some of y'all take this way too far and damn near create minions that can't see any wrong in anything you do. This works especially well with your children most likely because 11 house is directly opposite of the 5th house of children. This is an astrological opposition so I wouldn't recommend it.  I’d advise Aquarius to use their influence for good. yall out her glamouring folks (Trueblood reference lol). Other negative traits of Aquarius are over-analyzing, hypocrisy, stubbornness, being neglectful to love ones, and being too detached from the truth about themselves.


Crystals for Aquarius 

Amethyst is a third eye chakra stone and has a very stabilizing effect with the physical and meta physical worlds enhancing intuition and strengthening  clairvoyant capacities. Amethyst helps Aquarius tap into their spiritual energy helping them to see purpose bigger than themselves so they can tap into their natural abundance and humanitarian energies. Amethyst also helps to reduce the stress that comes along with their need to change the world, and it gives them patience as they wait for others to catch up to their big ideas. 

Pattern on Crystal Piece May vary because they are uniquely handmade so your piece will always be one of a kind.