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Blue Kyanite For Taurus

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The best crystals for Taurus people (Sun, Moon Rising, & Stellium) & those that are trying to tap into Taurus energy would be crystals that strengthen the best qualities of Taurus energy. Beneficial Traits: Down to Earth, Stable, Practical,  Predictable, Laid Back, Patient, Steady, Deliberate, Charming, Family Oriented, Hard Working, Productive, Dependable, Artistic,  Sensual, Foodie

 While balancing those stifling qualities. Challenging Traits: Resistant to change, Possessiveness, Intensely Stubborn, Resistant to Change, Passive, Lazy, Selfish, Indulgent, Materialistic, Greedy, Hoarding, Jealous, Resentful

Taurus your value exists beyond your bank account. I know your mantra is I have but the biggest thing you have in your heart and practicality these crystals listed are here to help you get back to your charming, beautiful, rooted self, and release the jealousy stubbornness, and low vibes that drain our beautiful bull from living the full life you deserve..



Kyanite:  your steadfastness and patience make the perfect recipe for fear of change. Kyanite encourages you to leave your comfort zone and try out new things. It can open up your intuition and restore the balance of your Taurus energy when it becomes difficult to leave your safe space. Use Kyanite to encourage yourself to go with the flow of life!