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Brecciated Jasper For Aries

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The best crystals for Aries people (Sun, Moon Rising, & Stellium) & those that are trying to tap into Aries energy would be crystals that strengthen the best qualities of Aries like our optimistic, passionate, go-getter, creative, and leadership mentality. While balancing those stifling qualities such as impatience, short-temperedness, troubles finishing what we start, self-doubt, superiority complex,( sounds weird to be self-doubting and have a superiority complex right well not for an Aries. Ask any one of us that's doing the work), insensitivity, and impulsivity. Aries energy is fast-moving we are the first of the zodiac sign we get things started Alpha energy. The crystals listed are here to aid us while we get things started as only an Aries can,

Brecciated Jasper for grounding, help with being an organization, balancing the sexual energy help with patience repressed emotion clearing out anger by releasing it this crystal has a very soft energy its a root chakra stone I love it like a grandfather shaman energy