Raw Red Jasper For Virgo


Virgo is Mercury Ruled like Gemini but yall are at home in this placement AND exalted. I'm not saying that makes yall better but I'm not not saying that either lol. Virgos are meticulous routine-oriented charming wordsmiths You tend to look at everything as black and white which can make you pretty domineering when pushing your perspective and getting your way but you do it so seamlessly most don't even know what happening till much later if at all. You be stressing yourself out on the details of things yall get so judgy and critical and you direct a lot of it toward yourself you want to be perfect and this need for perfection in every detail of your life can cause you to have unrealistic perceptions of yourself no one is without flaw. Virgo you can find balance by looking at your sister sign Pisces life's no fun without embracing a little messiness loosen up a bit do dissociate from your shortcoming and don't blame other people for them sometimes things happen that are out of your control that is not your fault or burden the serenity prayer could be very useful for you. Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference. You can program your crystals with this prayer. Another thing that Virgo suffers from when out of balance is health issues you guys are more prone to them than most especially stomach problems y'all needs to develop healthy routines. 



A common birthstone for Virgos, Red Jasper stimulates the lower three chakras, especially the root chakra. It helps the Virgo reconnect with their element: earth. It grounds the wearer, encouraging them to be mindful and soak up the present moment. Additionally, it highlights and amplifies Virgos' organizational skills, helping them plot, plan, and prepare for success even better than before. This is the best gemstone for placing a spotlight on  Virgo and abilities that are otherwise overlooked.

Red Jasper is great for helping a preoccupied Virgo solve problems in a fast-paced environment. Said to boost strength, stamina, and overall energy, Red Jasper is a must-have for any Virgo going through a lethargic patch. This sign despises laziness and also has a gift for self-criticism, which can lead to some pretty nasty downward spirals. If you find yourself in this situation, Red Jasper will help you rationalize your thoughts and become more productive with your time.