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Self Love Incantation

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These necklaces are  crafted with the intent of strengthening your bond with yourself. It will not only serve as a reminder to love yourself as you wear it, but the herbs flowers oils and Crystals work with your personal self love goals stabilizing them and helping them to flourish.
In this potion bottle is 
Jasmine Flower to help boost confidence allowing you to find beauty within yourself. associated with the Moon & Venus

Coconut Oil to protect and purify your mind of self hate and doubt. associated with the Moon 

Coconut Sugar to be sweet to yourself 

Rose Quart for self forgiveness and gentleness

Kyanite to understand and to break old patterns of self hate 

Peridot to release jealous and envy as well as keep it away from you, motivating growth and change as well as to look back on the past with compassion


Affirmation  to activate and connect to your Charm

It is my Divine Right To feel love and be love.
As wear this necklace I invoke the healing energies of love. This charm symbolizes the love for myself that is growing and flourishing. I am patient with myself, I forgive myself, I trust my intuition , I am gentle with my healing process, I take care of myself, I understand myself, I trust my divinity, I see my divinity  I know I am divine, I receive and give love whole heartily especially to myself. My heart space is healed. I am whole and full. I am present. Thank you ancestors Thank you higher self. Asé